The Proof is in the Porridge

Our little corner of the country may be famously flat but we have seriously lofty expectations over what should be in your breakfast bowl.

As porridge fanatics, we go against the grain to be far braver with flavour. Our porridge would make a traditional Scot blush. 

We never scrimp on taste. Our oats are sourced locally and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more generous helping of fruits, nuts or seeds than in our porridge mixes. Your spoon deserves better. No more fishing around the bowl to find the good stuff!

To us, additives are a major minus. Sugar is our favourite swear word. Call us lazy, but when it comes to flavour, we let nature do all the work. We just hand mix it all together for your enjoyment.

It’s time to discover the Norwich way of cooking up the most important meal of the day!

Our customers love it

"Love your porridge ordered last weekend arrived a few days ago and loving it won't be changing again your the best"

Claire Louise Raven

"Those that know, know. I’m not going back!!!"

Leah Humphries

"I love it, a fine breakfast from a fine city"

Stephen James Lindley

"Delicious 100% enjoyable breakfast"

Mark Blazey

"Eating it now, it’s our favourite! 😀 "

Sally Albrow

"Excellent start to the day"

Shirley Grove-Grayling

"I loved mine and I'm not going back!"

Terry Coward

"Absolutely delicious porridge 👍"

David Wagg

"Just got some , it’s lovely"

Lindsay Coleman

"Love Norwich Porridge ❤️"

Deborah Green

"I buy this regularly. Best porridge for cooking in the microwave and I have tried a few. Order mine from Jarrolds in Norwich"

Ian Skinner

"I ordered mine and it’s delicious"

Catherine Fitzpatrick