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  • F45 Stratford owner Sam Gregory

    Firstly, my morning dose of East Anglian goodness sets me up for a busy morning of both teaching and training. I can cover over 30,000 steps most days so the right nutrition is absolutely vital. 

    Secondly, the taste!!! Norwich Porridge is, without doubt, the best-tasting poddy out there, and trust me, I’ve tried them all!! The Fruity Nut is the absolute business....once you try it you’ll never go back!!

    Lastly, it’s from Norwich, one of our countries hidden gems. My family has lived in Norwich for over 50 years and as such it holds a very special place in my heart. I could not be more proud to represent this amazing company and this amazing city!

  • Dr Kara Mickala Dawson

    I eat porridge pretty much all year round for breakfast and this is the best porridge I have ever tried!

    As a doctor, I look for nutritional and healthy foods and porridge always wins here.

    I have tried both the Fruity Nut and Grain & 5 Seed and they’re great tasting! I love the branding and eco packaging, you can tell they care about the environment.

    I also like to keep things local to the area and support businesses.

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