There's a new bar in town

There's a new bar in town

And it will have you glowing inside and out

Not satisfied with simply nourishing your insides , Norwich Porridge can now nourish your outsides too!.  Our gorgeous new soap is full of our favourite oats and with a hint of cinnamon and orange , it’s the perfect recipe for cleansing and exfoliation. 

Great for calming skin irritations and with a delicious scent  that will almost certainly calm any other irritations the day throws at you, this perfect little bar is  gentle enough for your face and body. And leaves your skin looking glowing and revived.  Gorgeous!

It’s 100% handmade here in Norwich and 100% natural. It may look good enough to eat but we don’t recommend it. 

Now available on our website. Go on - give it a go.

If you prefer to eat your oats rather than wash in them then you can choose from our award winning flavours.
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