I’m trying to make sensible choices around food: Can I have Norwich Porridge?

I’m trying to make sensible choices around food: Can I have Norwich Porridge?

We wholeheartedly believe there's no better way to start your day than with a nutritious, delicious bowl of Norwich Porridge. Made with wholesome wholegrain oats, Norwich Porridge provides a fantastic base for a satisfying and healthy breakfast. With a variety of exciting flavours to tantalise your taste buds, the benefits extend far beyond just taste:

Fibre Fiesta  - Packed with wholegrains, Norwich Porridge is rich in fibre, which means slow release energy , Norwich Porridge keeps you feeling fuller for longer, giving you gradual release of energy throughout the morning.

Aisling Pigott: Registered Dietitian says Norwich Porridge is a source of fibre. Many of us in the UK are not getting enough fibre in our diet


Convenience is King -  Ready in minutes, Norwich Porridge is the perfect grab-and-go breakfast solution for busy mornings.

  Many people I work with are super busy, which means convenient and nourishing breakfasts like Norwich Porridge are really helpful  Aisling Pigott: (Registered Dietitian )

 Norwich Porridge as part of a healthy lifestyle

Sugar Smart With options featuring no added sugars or sweeteners but rich in delicious natural sweetness from dried fruits, nuts, and seeds, Norwich Porridge can complement your specific choices

Aisling Pigott’s Top Tips for Making Norwich Porridge even more nutritious

Fruity Fun: - Top your porridge with berries, chopped apple, or banana for a burst of flavour and vitamins. 

Protein punch -  Nuts and seeds from Flavours such as Fruity Nut, Apple Strudel, and Cranberry and Pistachio contain additional protein. Top these up with nut butter or seeds for extra an extra protein rich start

Milk matters -  Adding milk or a milk alternative to your porridge is a great way to boost your Calcium intake.

 Start Your Day Right with Norwich Porridge

Norwich Porridge offers a delicious, convenient, and diet-friendly way to start your day. With its natural goodness, low-calorie base, and fibre-rich content, Norwich Porridge is more than just breakfast; it's the foundation for a healthy and productive day.

A high fibre breakfast like Norwich Porridge is a great way to start the day Aisling Pigott  Registered Dietitian at Dietitian Wales ( pictured below )


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