Are our oats gluten free?

We get asked this a fair bit so wanted to provide a clear answer that helps you make a more informed choice. We've linked to the original information sources for complete transparency.

In short, yes. Oats themselves are gluten free.

But there's a but...

Whilst oats do not contain gluten, they do contain a similar protein called avenin, but that's not considered a risk for coeliacs and is generally considered safe for those with gluten intolerances. We are legally required to label oats as an allergen on packaging, as some people can be intolerant to this protein.

"So why do we not label your oats as gluten free?" I hear you ask, when other brands offer gluten free oats. All that means is that 'gluten free' oats are produced in a factory that does not handle any other gluten-containing foods. There is no 'removing' of gluten in any production process.

Our oats are produced in a mill that also handles other grains that do contain gluten. Therefore we are not able to guarantee there is no cross-contamination and are unable to claim our oat packages are in fact a gluten free product. A number of our porridge mixes do also include wheat, barley and rye grains, meaning these are not gluten free products.

In summary, only people on a strict gluten-free diet require oats that are produced in a gluten-free environment.

Hopefully that's clear and concise but feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions.




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